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I can wait until the next one comes along. His tongue moved slowly in between the folds of her womanhood, and she panted in response. When he was fully in her he waited for a responce from Kagome. I know it hurts you InuYasha was turned, now facing the spring, staring down blankly at a naked bathing Kagome. How inconvenient…" InuYasha murmured under his breath. InuYasha began a slow pace, sliding in and out of her wet folds.

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He yanked her bottom up into the air and entered Kagome from behind, pounding into her even harder than before.

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Kagome Higurashi

He sighed in release and leaned back against the tree trunk, wiping his hand on the inside of his robe. InuYasha gingerly walked down the hill towards the naked woman in front of him. Miroku threw his head back and grunted as his seed spilled out onto his own hand. Kagome disagrees with Kaede and tells her that she has to bathe since her hair is covered with blood and dirt. They look like you. InuYasha alternated short hard flicks of his tongue against her clitoris with long gentle strokes. InuYasha stood by the edge of the spring, keeping his eyes on hers as he removed his hakama.

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kagome from inuyasha nude
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kagome from inuyasha nude
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