Involuntary orgasm from prostrate

But ive never invested in toys. Most girls do that sh! Edit, are threads like this even allowed? I finished off that "session" by stroking myself to a "wet" orgasm with the toy still in, which was very very intense. I would get hot and instinctively want to touch my cock, which was like turning on a loud stereo while trying to listen for a tiny squeak in something Dump your girlfriend and find a hermaphrodite.

The first time I finally managed it, I had three or four orgasms in a row with no ejaculation a lot of pre-cum dripping and not much rest in between.

What is a Male “Super-O?”

I lost interest in her. Once you have achieved this knowledge about your prostate and what gets you off the best, it becomes much easier to have a Super-O. Half the patients reported diminished sexual desire libido and arousal after the operation and reported the same to occur in their partners. SpacLock Member Jan 16, You can prove them right or you can prove them wrong. So yeah, amazing, incredible, best of your life orgasms that just take a lot of patience. For some men, super orgasms are so intense that it brings them to tears.

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