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She wanted him to understand how long she'd been wanting to be one of the elite twelve girls and how hard she worked to get where she is. Yes, yes I did. But due to the pill that Addison gave him, he is as hard as ever. Phineas's attention then turned to the glossy, yet rugged texture of her hair. No way, I don't want anything that necklace brings me.

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Perry did not enter his lair, due to Buford and Baljeet paying too much attention to where Perry is.

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Swiss Family Phineas

Major Monogram asks what Perry's situation is, and Perry grabs his watch and angles it so Monogram can see Buford hugging Perry. She gave a solemn nod in agreement. Baljeet's eyes go wide as he falls to the ground and Perry angrily chatters at the Perry dummy. No way, I don't want anything that necklace brings me. Crossovers " Phineas and Ferb:

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phineas and ferb family nude
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