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While Android 18 was a villain at first, she eventually grew more curious of humans and eventually fell in love with Krillin! She's also added some red high heels that go surprisingly well with the outfit. Alessandra Autumn is dressed up as Goku in the picture above. As the world's greatest warrior who's actually an alien from another planetGoku has fought all of the biggest threats to the planet he calls home. This blue-haired adventurer has always been a bit of a techy. He's traveled to alien planets, fought gods and much more! Ooooof, this wouldn't fly today!

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She's got the green skin and antennae down, not to mention the pointy ears.

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Ranking the 20 Best Holodeck Episodes. This results in some pretty funny gags, especially when the extremely perverted Master Roshi is trying cop a feel or see her naked. Verified "Dragon Ball Kai" a fearless image than Vegeta battle dress appeared! She is the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of Ox-King. Due to the lighting when the pictures were shot,or may not appear exactly as seen on photo in real. April Riiwho also cosplayed as Future Trunks in one of the above entries, carries out a spectacular female version of Android 17, down to the stern look on the character's face. Bulma is spunky, charming and tough as nails.

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