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If you struggle as you continue, here are some tips for working on your driver: I typically find that most golfers launch the ball too low, because their attack angle is too steep and their hitting down on the ball. Projected Standings The Finals Keep your transition smooth at the top of your swing and rotate your hands from the right hip on the downswing through the hitting area. These tend to be the most forgiving in terms of distance on mis-hits. Automated Golf Automated Article 1. Your hands should finish high -- up and around behind your head.

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Follow through drill Hit balls or take practice swings where you concentrate on completing your swing so that your body faces the target on the follow through.

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Instruction: Get more bang from your driver

When you focus on swinging through the hitting area and completing the swing, your golf shots will improve dramatically. As you release or rotate your hands through the hitting area, make sure you tuck your left elbow into your left side through the hitting area so you can square up the clubface at impact. Your hands should finish high -- up and around behind your head. Tee to Green Strokes Gained: In addition, you might want to go to a lighter less gram weightmore flexible shaft with a lower kickpoint, or bend profile, which will help kick the head upward and add loft, thus creating a higher launch and trajectory.

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high in sky so swinging up
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high in sky so swinging up
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