Facial characteristics and personality traits

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This is backed by a study that the University of Edinburgh conducted. A variety of findings in the fields of constitutional personality theory, person perception, emotion, and orthodontic dentistry suggest there may be a relationship between personality dimensions and facial structure. Here we can read conflict, scattered thinking, early maturity and insomnia. And if they are flat, read as polite. View image of Getty Images Credit: And this claim can be sectioned off in 2 main areas: If they are large, read leadership.

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A thin eyelid shows a preference for detachment, objectivity and business.

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What Our Faces Reveal About Our Personality

Eyes - Worldview The way people look at the world is revealed by the features of their eyes. Once the digital image was created, the team then took the faces and transformed the skin tone to a carotenoid color, which is associated with an excessive intake of carrots and other vegetables. Straight teeth represent good decisions, gaps are puns or jokes, big teeth are stubborn, small ones are kind, crooked teeth are conflicted and the thrust of the jaw can be short and shy or slung forward and aggressive. How to Be More Interesting. Does your facial width-to-height ratio signal dominance or aggression?

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facial characteristics and personality traits
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facial characteristics and personality traits
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