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Last year, he was appointed its principal. The whole town trusted him,'' said a victim's mother. The Yasapala case is bound to raise the notoriety of this Indian ocean island as a sexual haven. But the parents were too ashamed to report the matter to the police. The astounded parents contacted other parents, and eight children corroborated the story. Yasapala told police that he was sexually abused for years by the head priest of a Buddhist temple in central Sri Lanka where his parents had sent him when he was

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Instead, two education department inspectors confronted Yasapala, who fled town with his family.

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Yasapala's is the second incident of this sort in Sri Lanka. It has nearly 30, boy prostitutes wandering its sandy beaches. Pleasant, always smiling, the year-old lived with his wife and one-year-old daughter in this town of 2, 55 kilometres southeast of Colombo, the country's capital. When her curious parents asked for details, she told them he even took their clothes off and fondled them, and sometimes disrobed and asked them to touch his genitals, said Halthota Chief Inspector Kavan Karunatilleke. Yasapal had been a Buddhist monk for 20 years, but gave up his robes to become a full-time teacher to the 70 students of Halthota Elementary School. Hoping to avoid publicity, they contacted the department of education and asked the principal be transferred.

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sri lankan teachers sex
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